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VMD Consultants,

understand what it takes for a company to hire the right & deserved professionals for the right position and we have developed an advanced database of highly qualified candidates in different industries. The result of our efforts has created a loyal client base that utilises our services on a continual basis.

Our firm's success is attributed to being highly focused, well managed, and adaptable to the ever changing marketplace. We strongly believe it's our duty to get the deserved candidate for deserved positions. VMD Consultants understand the importance of full understanding of a client's organisational background, culture and vision. Along with a detailed job specification,this allows us to find the perfect competency fit deserved individual , as well as matching team qualities and personalities.

We use several processes to assure that service, a client expects from us will be provided with 100% satisfaction . We use induction programs and candidate assessments, and behavioral interviewing methods. These are followed by comprehensive candidate reports and "supervisor specific" reference checking.

Tempoprily work and Contractors

There is a rapid growth in the UK among companies to hire temporary and contract employees to meet their staffing requirements. The temporary staffing sector plays a vital role in the UK economy which has becoming the largest pool of labour in the UK’s workforce whilst the contracting sector is rapidly growing area of employment. With the advancement of legislation and the competitive market it is now, more than ever, critical to engage a provider of temporary staffing services that both understands and exceeds its obligations to its flexible workforce and engages them through processes that are in line with those of their own direct workforce.

We understand the importance of hiring the right employees for any company & how important it can be for a success of the company. Whether on an individual, ad hoc basis or through the provision of entire project focused teams, our approach will help you achieve a best fit workforce, manage your obligations, and mitigate the risks associated with engaging temporary workers through bullet proof practices and methodologies.

Permanent Placements:

We understand how diverse and highly populated UK talent pool is . As a nation, we have one of the most dynamic workforces in the global market. So how do you connect with the individuals you need to run our business? How do you find them and qualify their skills and attributes to the level where you know that they are the best individual available to you? That's where we come in...

As one of the UK’s best recruiters who has got a best set of staff we are committed to deliver best service to all the clients. Even though we are relatively new to the industry we believe our commitment & desire to deliver the best candidates for our clients does make us unique among other recruiters. Our unique recruitment methods ensure that all our clients would have the best staff working for them. This is done by many steps which we follow to select candidates.