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Start your new Life in Canada?

VMD - Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program: Entrepreneur

Program criteria

Minimum investment of $500,000 CDN for each potential nominee, depending on location and sector.

Minimum net worth of $800,000 CDN for each potential nominee, depending on location and sector

Need to prove source of funds and that it is legitimate

If required, the entrepreneur may identify a business partner for nomination to assist in the establishment of the business in Ontario. Each partner must invest $500,000

The entrepreneur and/or business partner will have two years to meet minimum program requirements (including language) prior to permanent residence nomination

You must create at least two full-time, permanent jobs for Canadian citizens or permanent residents

Other criteria will apply

Applicant and family will arrive on work permits/student permits and within 2 years must comply with the program requirements. Applicant and family will then be eligible to apply for permanent residency.

At this time we will be filing reports on program compliance to CIC and will file for permanent residency for the family. Further legal fees and CIC fees will apply for the permanent resident application.

Ontario is the most multicultural province in Canada, where half of all new immigrants make their home.

On the map, Ontario is in the middle of Canada. It is also the hub of the Canadian economy. It is a magnet for manufacturing, finance, tourism and other industries. It’s also a leader in science and the arts.

Ontario is a big, diverse place. We have one million square kilometres and more than 12 million people. Our population includes people from 200 countries, who speak as many as 130 languages. Our cities are vibrant and our scenery is spectacular.

Ontario is a great place to live, work and raise a family. As Canada’s most populous province, you will find diverse communities, ample cultural and recreational activities, an excellent public school system and many post-secondary education opportunities for your family.

Ontario, which is one of Canada’s most prosperous provinces, expects to remain one of the fastest-growing regions in the advanced industrial world.

We have a diverse economy, with extensive manufacturing, financial and business services. Ontario makes up 40 per cent of Canada’s total economic output and more than half of the country’s manufacturing shipments.

In recent years there has been a big shift towards producing exports, especially in areas such as information technology, and the automotive and chemical industries.

Ontario is the place to be!!