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Our Services

We understand that recruitment can be a very time consuming and frustrating process – particularly when you’re recruiting within a specialised employment sector. You require a specific set of qualifications, a specific set of skills and a specific type of person . Also you want the recruitment process to go as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Most important you want the correct employee to your company For this very reason our approach and our solution is always based on YOU – your timescales, your needs and your expectations.

We never lose sight of the fact that we are recruitment professionals first and foremost, and that our recruitment expertise is what makes us a valued business partner. At the same time we also have a passion for the HR industry, built on our combined experience in the HR recruitment sector, and this allows us an extensive network of trusted industry contacts.

For the Candidates ,we make sure you are working for one of the best companies which suites your qualifications & experience.

Our main aim is to provide the right position to the right person. We believe ,if you meet the required standards we will be able to provide you the role no matter what background or what country you come from.

Main Services

Permanent recruitment

Temporarily & Contract Recruitment

Recruitment out of United Kingdom

Paid Internship programs in the UK, USA & Germany

Migration Services to Australia

Skilled Migration (Direct Permanent Resident applications to Australia )

Family Migration

Business Migration


Student Migration

Migration Services to Canada

Federal Skilled Workers

Sponsorship of spouse and dependent children

Super visa for parents and Grandparents

Provincial Nominee Program

Visitor visa / Letter of Invitation

Immigrant Investor Program

Canadian Experience Class

Renewal of Permanent resident card


Education Services

Admission to Canadian colleges

Selection of suitable programs considering Canadian job markets

Education counselling

Hiring Temporary Foreign Workers to work in Canada

Screening of client's job skills based on the employers requirements to improve hiring process of temporary foreign worker in Canada

Assist them to complete their Licensing / Certification as per requirements of different provinces in Canada when they need to work in regulated occupations to satisfy Employment Standards of respective provinces in Canada