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yes. For work permits and work replacements ,work experience could be a must. But there are opportunities which some companies hire applicants as work placement employees.
Submit us your CV We do free CV assessments & would give you feedback within 24 hours to confirm your eligibility.
Yes, they can. They also do not need to satisfy any other requirements in order to migrate with the main applicant.
You, do not need to show funds for Skilled Migration. Fund would be needed only for Student migration.
VMD Consultants is the sister company of VMD Solicitors( Has been one of the leading immigration/Solicitor firms in the United Kingdom for over five years who has had over 4000 clients. As a professional and experienced consultancy firm, VMD make sure her clients always receive the best service throughout their applications
No. Although you may fundamentally qualify under the immigration policy, you are by no means guaranteed of success. Your application must be prepared in accordance with the prevailing immigration regulations and submitted together with the appropriate supporting documentation in order to be approved by the immigration authorities. The ways in which to do this are not always clearly set out by the immigration authorities and result in many applicants presenting their cases incorrectly, inevitably leading to refusal. So you are strongly advised to seek the advice of a Registered Migration Agent.
Yes, You Can apply for most of the migration categories and vacancies from anywhere in the world.
Canada is the second largest country in the world with huge all kinds of natural resources with mere population of 34 million only. Canada birth rate is still low and due to aging population among the Canadians. They need people to fill those positions and to explore the natural resources and build the country economy. That is possible with more population as well as skilled workers from other countries who can transfer their skills while Immigrating to Canada in addition to those who have already in Canada
No, You pay consultation fee ,stage by stage. We do have a very good refund policy too.
All countries give opportunity to students to become permanent residents of that country once they finish their studies.
VMD Consultants and its other companies in Canada, Australia, New Zealand always help their clients to find accommodation, jobs and help with their other requirements while they settle down.Special Arrangements are made for applicants who migrate to the UK from other countries.