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Looking for an Internship in Germany?

Internships – Germany


Must have Bachelors or masters which have been completed within last three years


One to two years (Successful Candidate who achieve B1 can get German Blue card)

Internship Conditions:

Internship hours are typically set at 35-40 hours per week Students get paid by month.

The min. salary in Germany is Euro 8.50 per hour- for students, but in case that accommodation or food is provided companies/hotels can reduce the amount.

Health & Accident Insurance is mandatory and must be purchased in the applicant’s mother country.

No income tax payable while the salary is below Euro 800 per month. At Euro 950 income tax will be 10%.

Airport Transfers – are sometimes included in the program price. If an applicant needs to make their own way to their place of employment, the cost would normally be between Euro 50 – Euro 150.


Best hotels in thoughout Germany. Mainly Berlin


Send CV

Attend Interview & receive offer letter

Apply for Visa

Start your internship in Germany

Applicants can work towards B2.2 in Germany which will allow them to gain Blue card (If required)

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