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International Student Placements

Looking for an University in Europe, UK, Canada, Germany?

VMD International Student Placement (Career pathway) Program

We offer career pathway programs to Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany & other European Countries to the applicants who have not met education requirements to apply for our jobs directly. Under this program, applicants get the opportunity to complete a diploma/Degree /masters program at a reputed college/university as they wish.

Our promise to student applicants :

We work with only government registered colleges/universities. We make sure that the course you are completing at a college/university is valuable for your future career life.

How we help students :

Our Advice

Being a recruitment consultancy firm, VMD Consultants know the best career pathways that students take to secure better jobs and the demand of the current world job market. Therefore we thoroughly discuss with each student the reasons to select a particular course before we get them registered at a university/college.

We discuss each student’s future career plan and advice them selecting course which would help them to secure job positions at the completion of the course.

Our job placements service

VMD Consultants make job placements in different industries in many different countries. Therefore, our students get a golden opportunity of working for our employers once they complete a course at a university /college. (Note: Subject to passing interviews and other employment requirements)

Our ongoing support

We help our student applicants with every basic facilities they require to follow a study course

Accommodation: We provide accommodation if required. Every student gets houses/apartments to select and book before they move to the country where they are studying.

Airport pickup & other help : We arrange airport pickups for the students if required and advice them how to open bank accounts, how to get NI numbers etc. ( If required)

Student applicant’s general requirements:

• O/L , A/L

• English – IELTS

• Maintenance funds ( varies depends on the country you apply to)

• Work experience ( Applicable for only some courses)