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Peter Palotas – London, Uk

I did not have much work experience and I was afraid of going for an interview before I met VMD Consultants. But fortunately, I got to know about VMD Consultants and they provided me full career guidance I required. VMD Consultants got me an interview within a week. I am very happy with the job position which they go me and I would like to recommend VMD Consultants to anyone who’s looking for a job.

Gergely Papp,Lond,UK

VMD Consultants helped got me a job within two weeks . Very happy with the service.

Lakmal Thennakoon– Canada

Highly recommended VMD for anybody who is looking for student placements a. These guys did everything within a very short period of time for my migration process. I referred VMD for many of my friends. Thank you once again.

Madhawa Maduranga – Canada

Thank you VMD Consultants you did a great job for us. I Thank You VMD Consultants for the new life you got me in Canada. To be honest I wasn't expected to receive that kind of service from you. All your offices were very helpful throughout. Your Head Office and Sri Lanka office was so helpful throughout the visa process and then I was picked up at the Airport from your Canada office, Then I was taken to my apartment, Helped me at the college next day, opening bank accounts etc. Most importantly VMD sent me for an interview within 2 days too and I am happy at my current job too. Thank you again and good luck!

Jo Anderson

VMD Consultants have been amazing. They prepared me extremely well for interviews, were very patient with me & kept in constant contact. Having dealt with numerous agencies in the past and not had great experiences, they have restored my faith in agencies, making me feel like an individual rather than just another number looking for a job.

Thushan Wijeserakara -Canada

Thank you VMD for helping my whole family to start a new life in Ontario. We are delighted with the service we were provided. We were helped with accommodation and jobs for me and my wife.

Bright Davies

It has been an absolute pleasure working with VMD Consultants. They were so supportive, motivating and highly professional during our collaboration. I have gained very valuable information and had such a positive experience throughout the process.


I would ever be thankful for VMD Consultants for the Internship which you got me. It was the turning point of my career life. Thank you again

Don Rienzey - UK

Thank you very much for the exceptional service you provided me throughout. I was managed to get my Internship position with visa within 3 weeks . Highly Appreciated.

Ishan Balapaduwlge - Canada

Thank you So much VMD Consultants team. It was a 5 start service which me & my wife received to start our new life in Canada. It wasn’t just the placement process which we were helped with. They picked us from the airport as promised and got both of us jobs within 2 weeks. Thank you again to the head office in London, Colombo office and the Canada Office. I would like to recommend your service to anyone.

Rajesh Shetty –Australia

Thank you VMD Consultants for getting my High skilled application successful. I am delighted with the service I was provided.

Nadine , London

I always felt VMD was dedicated in finding me this job, I could talk to them like a friend but at the same time theyalways gave me very professional advice (about the interview, possible questions etc). So, overall I am really pleased to have been recruited by VMD Consultants

Adam, London

My experience of working with VMD Consultants was exceptional. From initial contact until they successfully placed me into a Graduate Role in Central London, they consistently supported me in my applications. My consultant at VMD was very helpful and went above and beyond to ensure I was prepared for interviews and provided professional service. Highly recommended.”

Madawa Fernando

My three years PR program was approved within two weeks. I was provided all the services that I was promised and very happy with VMD Consultants. They have helped throughout my student placement, I was provided accommodation in Toronto and got me a job within two weeks too.Thank you VMD.